Agile methodology isn’t a new concept. Many companies have tried to adopt Agile into their software development processes, but somewhere it fell short. There are a few places where a business can go wrong in trying to apply it.


Agile is a Culture

A company that doesn’t head into implementing Agile from a culture perspective, is already doomed. It’s common for an executive or department head to think the only people needing to be in an Agile mindset, are the people who will be writing the software.

For the Agile methodology to be successful, the whole company structure has to change, especially outside the development team. Everyone from the CEO to the operations teams will need to jump on the Agile bandwagon for the company to succeed.

Now that a company has everyone on board, and everyone is knowledgeable about the Agile methodology, everyone must follow the steps. Having a clear plan on what it is each department is responsible for will help things run smoothly.

The last step to creating an Agile culture is to make sure employees are knowledgeable on the subject, and the goal. If one or two people read an article or a book about how Agile should be implemented, that won’t be enough. Have an Agile coach or expert come in and teach the employees, and certify that your business is set up for success.


The Agile Software Process

Agile isn’t just a state of mind. When it comes to achieving real results, some changes need to be made to the company’s software development process. Software created with an Agile methodology needs to be built for automation and efficiency.

Most companies don’t have the proper personnel on staff with Agile experience, so this would be the time to call in another expert. You may be asking, “didn’t I just call in an expert to talk to us about Agile? Why do I need to call in another one?” Agile experts come in many forms. The first expert you should call would be to make sure your entire company is informed and knowledgeable on the subject. The second expert you should call would be to ensure that your new software development process matches the new mindset of your business.

Software built with Agile methodologies is most efficient when the architecture is created around a DevOps model and has continuous delivery built-in. This new Agile software development process will deliver value to your business more quickly. Are you not sure where to start? RevStar will come in and assess your software’s architecture and evaluate your current software development process to see if it’s agile friendly. If it’s not, we will help you build one that is!


Agile Culture and Software Go Hand-In-Hand

Agile implementation is an investment. A company needs to change its software, culture and mindset, and each one relies on the other for success. To get started, email or call us directly at 813-291-2056.



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