Happy National Customer Service Week! For a small business that’s just starting, customer service may seem like a daunting topic.

We’re here to help ease your mind. Below is our curated checklist of every basic customer satisfaction feature a website should emphasize. While these items may seem obvious, it’s important to make sure they’re included, and that they’ve been done the right way.

While these items may be basic, that doesn’t mean that they should look basic. It’s important to make sure these items fit in with the look and feel of your company.


The Checklist

  • Live-Chat
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ
  • Trouble-Shoot Forms



The first thing a visitor should notice when clicking onto your site should be a Live-Chat button. Whether this option pops up as soon as a visitor reaches the website, or there is a separate page that visitors can click on, having this option is essential. This gives the consumer the chance to speak to someone directly within the company or be directed by the chat-bot to a page or person that can help.


Having a website developer like RevStar contracted with your business makes creating this step, and all the following steps much easier.


Contact Us

The most essential thing to include on a business’s website is a “contact us” and “support” page. If a company could only include one customer service focused feature, it would be the “contact us” page.


The “contact us” page is relatively straightforward. There are boxes to fill out required information like a name, email address and message. If the customer has an issue they’d like to speak to someone about, they fill out the boxes, and the email is sent to someone within the company.

This page opens a channel of communication between the customer and the company. Not only does the customer feel that their needs are being met, but the company is taking an interest in each complaint, a customer satisfaction necessity.



The FAQ page is beneficial for the company as well as the customer. The latter has a reference page of the most-asked questions, that can be scanned through in a matter of minutes, rather than spending hours of back-and-forth questions and answers with a customer service representative.

This page also saves time and money for the company itself. Customer service representatives will be able to focus on helping customers who may be experiencing an out-of-the-ordinary situation.


Trouble-Shoot Forms

A trouble-shoot form is a more sophisticated version of the “contact us” page. This page offers multiple drop-down menus, for the customer to explain exactly what’s wrong. This page eliminates any confusion of what the customer meant when they sent an email saying “the thing on the top doesn’t work”.

This lets the company know exactly who needs to be in contact with that particular customer and reduces the back-and-forth communication of trying to find the right department or customer service representative.


Keep it Simple

Having these features on a website won’t matter if it’s difficult to find, or if the customer doesn’t know how to operate the function. Each of the items on the checklist needs to be extremely easy to find, and simple to operate.


If your company wants to have happy customers, implementing customer-focused designs into a website is the first step. Contact RevStar to get started, by emailing info@revstarconsulting.com or call us directly at 813-291-1056.




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