Cloud Adoption: Step One

The first step is deciding whether or not your business will benefit from adopting a cloud framework. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and businesses must adapt and change with it. Doing this will secure your business in its specific market.


Building on cloud technology can be difficult if your business doesn’t have the right skill set in house. For startups, and businesses that don’t have established IT professionals in-house, partnering with a technology firm that specializes in cloud technology and development is worth looking into. Not only will an outside firm be able to build a cloud technology best suited for your business, but they’ll be able to manage it, and make any changes that your company needs.


Step Two

The second step to implementing a cloud framework is planning. Having a thorough plan of what your company needs, and what its customers need from the business will guide the process of deciding what aspects need to be implemented.


Having a strategic plan of what needs to be added to a business’s digital services portfolio will give your IT department or technology firm partner an idea of how best to set up an application that will grow with your companies goals.


Step Three

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve not only realized that utilizing cloud technologies is in your company’s best interest, but you’ve made a plan for what it is your business and its customers need. The next step is adopting the process and setting it into action.


Embracing the process goes hand-in-hand with planning. Using the information gained in the planning process will help identify what cloud services are needed. Using a public cloud requires knowledge of storage and security protocols of a public cloud by the IT department, or software engineers managing the framework. This is where having a cloud technology specialist working with you comes in handy.


Step Four

The final step of the process is to see your company prosper from the effects of having a cloud-native application. This article goes into more detail of how your company will benefit from cloud adoption. To get your company started, schedule a consultation by emailing or by calling (813) 291-1056.



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