The Robots are Coming!

Automation is here to make your life easier.

Time is better spent on important things!

Approximately 10% to 20% of human work hours are spent on dull, repetitive computer tasks. Automation is becoming more critical to businesses of all sizes. Bots automate laborious endeavors such as accounting and IT tasks to help keep operations running smoothly.

Almost anything a human can do on a computer can be automated.

  • Documenting and records management
  • Claims, bookings and invoice management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resources processes
  • IT processes

Our application features

Data Entry

Automated data entry solutions increase speed and accuracy, ensuring that operations are never slowed down because of a paperwork backlog. No human supervision is required, because all of the steps are performed automatically.


Marketing automation saves time and “time is money,” With automation marketing budgets will be less tied up in labor costs and free to be invested in the breakthrough decisions that will take an organization to the next level.

Lead Generation

Growth hacking is the process of using software to automate aspects of the lead generation process. This gives a business the ability to produce better results without the time & financial investments of traditional outreach & sales.

Effortless operations with automation

With tight budgets and low unemployment rates organizations are challenged with finding new and innovative ways to optimize their current resources. Automation is perfect for any routine repeatable work such as data entry and research. The best part is bots can work overtime, don’t require health insurance and circumvent the issues caused by human error. Freeing up employee’s time to work on revenue generating and growth initiatives through automation is now key to every company’s success.


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We like to let our happy clients do the talking

I have been extremely impressed with the RevStar team. In a highly specialized medical device industry, they quickly came up to speed on the opportunities and issues in our operations and put together a comprehensive automation strategy.

The RevStar team is an excellent resource to tackle strategic data aggregation initiatives. They have excellent automation experience, backing up the practical processes with professional understanding.

I can definitely say that I’d recommend the RevStar team to anyone. The chatbot they implemented for us was critical in handling consumer feedback This enabled us to effortlessly develop a new customer centric brand.

You’ve got questions

And we’ve got the answers!

What can be automated?

Almost anything that can be done on a computer by a human can be automated.

How does automation work?

Automation solutions are built to fit an individual process. Bots use the latest technologies such as machine learning to efficiently complete your task.

How do I know if I need automation?

All businesses have computer based tasks that consume an employee’s time. These tasks most likely can be automated.

How will automation help my business?

Bots reduce the amount of busy work in day to day business leaving employees free to focus on important revenue generating and growth objectives.

Processes able to be Automated
Missed Automation Opportunities
Time Spent on Low Level Tasks

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