Odds are that your company utilizes technology in one way or another. Nowadays, most every desk has a computer, and every pocket a cellphone. 

Add in web browsers, email and an infinite number of other apps and software, and you now have the tech-reliant workspace required to function in 2019. These technologies have become a part of everyday work and personal life. It would be hard to imagine what the world would be like without technology. 

It’s been proven that technology evolves exponentially. In our personal lives, we lease the latest iPhone every year and upgrade our personal computers frequently. We want the fastest devices and newest features as soon as they hit the shelves. You may be an early adopter who is always looking for the latest and greatest, but what about your company? We’re not talking about your IT department ordering everybody the latest MacBook Pro. To stay competitive as the world of business continues to morph with evolving technology, companies require true digital transformation. Updating software along with the shiny new hardware. 

The key is automation. No matter if your company is manufacturing IoT devices like smart home technologies, or managing someone’s retirement fund, automation is the process to launch a business into technological success. Operations departments should be investing in tools that streamline processes, as well as make them more accurate and efficient.

The IT department should be embracing Cloud Computing and DevOps. Instead of spending hours of manual research or relying on a gut feeling, all decision-makers would benefit from using business intelligence and analytics. Regardless of what department they work in, employees should be freed from mundane repetitive tasks, and enabled to spend time creating value through new initiatives and innovations.

However, one may be thinking, “Sure, my company is behind on the digital movement but we’re still making money and doing well.” That may be true for now

Technology is increasing at an enormous rate, and eventually, a more nimble and digital savvy company will rise above the competition. Just think what might have happened if Blockbuster had jumped on the streaming service bandwagon. 

Customers want to support a business that grows with them and their needs. Whether you’re the CEO, or in customer service, don’t let your company get left behind. Advocate for digital transformation and help build a better workplace and future for your organization, and your customers.

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