Cloud-Native Computing is the Way to Launch Your Company to Technological Success

Accelerated advances in technology require today’s companies to be able to move quickly and make changes to their websites and applications at a moment’s notice. Having a Cloud-native application or website is the best way for a company to provide its customers with what they need, and quickly.



Most people think the Cloud is a resource for extra storage or a way to have their files easily accessible from any device, with access to Wi-Fi. However, Cloud-native applications are more about how apps are built, rather than where.

Cloud-native computing is an approach to building applications that ensures that it’s built correctly from the very beginning. This means there are fewer headaches when changes need to be made. When built for a Cloud-native specific environment, the apps are built using technologies that are best suited for manageability, and functionality. It is created with technologies that are specific to the success of that particular job.



Quicker Changes – When an application is built for the Cloud, each part of the app is created separately. Having smaller sections, rather than one large piece of code, means that any changes can be made quickly. It also reduces the risk of botching another part of the code, as well as making changes that are easier to schedule and manage.

Scalability – When a Cloud-native application is built, it’s created to be scalable. As a company grows, it’s easier for the application to be adjusted accordingly, instead of redoing the entire thing. This eliminates the need for down-time while adjustments are made.

Apps Won’t Crash – With apps that are built on a public Cloud, the code isn’t bound to any particular infrastructure. If one service crashes, your application won’t crash with it. A service in another region will be able to keep the application up and running. Whereas, if your application is built on an on-site server that goes down, so will your application.

Cost-Effective – Since Cloud services are already built for developers, companies can get their ideas out quickly, and with minimal investment. Many changes can be made through configurations, which is more efficient than having to write code each time an update needs to be made. Business owners will be able to do more, with fewer people. This creates a hassle-free opportunity to reach consumers as quickly as possible. A quicker to market application means happier stakeholders and more early adopters as customers.

Peace of Mind – Having a cloud-native application built for a company means that business owners don’t need to worry about the little details. Automation is built into the code, and it’s managed by the team that built the Cloud-native app. This allows business owners to focus on growing sales and profits.


While taking an existing application and moving it to the Cloud can be done, it’s more beneficial to start from scratch. Re-building on a Cloud infrastructure ensures the company will be able to use Cloud-native benefits to the fullest and stay ahead of the competition.


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