DevOps is the marriage between two departments – Development, and Operations – to help make the process between the two departments of your company more seamless.

When the Development and Operations departments work separately from each other, the process of building, testing and releasing new software or updates is slow. The teams of the two departments are manually fixing each part of a problem within the software. Whether it’s updating the software itself or fixing bugs within the program. Focusing on these separately takes up time and money that could be spent elsewhere.

Why do these two departments need to work together? Speed.

The faster your company updates its software, the faster you’ll be able to adjust to changing markets. Therefore, drive business more efficiently.

DevOps is what automates the process of evolving and improving the software at a faster pace. As a result, the problems are fixed and the updates are made within minutes, instead of days. Rather than spending hours, trying to make the improvements yourself, your time and energy can be focused elsewhere. You can be listening to your customers and increasing new business leads.

How would implementing DevOps benefit your company?

DevOps is helpful for all companies, considering every business has some form of an online presence. Businesses that offer online services have apps that need to be accessible from different devices. Because of the need for accessibility, this leaves room for errors in the software. DevOps is a necessity to ensure that any problems a customer has with your online tools, is taken care of quickly. With this newfound speed, your company will have time to work on interacting with customers and being competitive in the market.

How your business or IT department handles issues with its software could be the difference between being a good company or being a great company. Having consistently up-to-date software, and being able to quickly fix any issues that arise, will show your customers that your brand is one they can rely on.

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